Reformation Day Movies and Documentaries

Whether you go trick-or-treating or not, tonight is a great opportunity to curl up with the kids in the den with some cozy blankets and hot chocolate and watch a movie or documentary about some of the great Reformers.

Luther (movie)

Torchlighters: The William Tyndale Story (cartoon)

God’s Outlaw: The William Tyndale Story (movie)

John Hus: A Powerful, True Story (movie and documentary)

Here I Stand: The Life and Legacy of Martin Luther (documentary)

Martin Luther (movie – 1953 edition)

John Wycliffe – The Morning Star (docu-drama)



Homeschooling in Mexico: An Interview with Mike Richardson of El Hogar Educador (The Home Educator)

Although it might be difficult to believe, particularly considering all of the negative news that comes out of Mexico (regarding drug cartels, violence, immigration challenges, etc.), God is working mightily among His people there. 

One ministry through which He has been doing amazing work is Vida Nueva Ministries, founded by Mike and Pam Richardson.   

I conducted an interview with Mike Richardson and was blessed to learn of the work that God is enabling his ministry to accomplish in the midst of numerous challenges — from financial issues to health struggles. (Read more about this in this Vida Nueva Ministries Testimony Letter from 2005. Also, please see an update to the letter at the end of this interview.) 

Their ministry has grown from working with a local Christian school teaching English in Monterrey in 1993, to now having an outreach that involves: Continue reading “Homeschooling in Mexico: An Interview with Mike Richardson of El Hogar Educador (The Home Educator)”